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Aftershave gel with actioninvigorating, provides a pleasant freshness thanks to the action of menthol. It presents a calming and repairing action thanks to Aloe vera and Panthenol (Provitamin B5). Scented with sweet orange essential oil and masculine scent from the line.


  • Aloe vera: Anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerative action. In addition, it is a natural antiseptic so it can be used on wounds and burns. It has an astringent and moisturizing action, which allows you to close pores after shaving and helps to properly hydrate the skin.
  • Provitamin B5 (Panthenol): its soothing action stands out, relieving the sensation of itching, irritation and redness. It also has a repairing effect, promotes skin regeneration and the recovery of its barrier function. Its third function is humectant, which means that it is capable of attracting water and retaining it in the skin, increasing its hydration and recovery capacity. It is currently a highly demanded asset thanks to its multiple proven benefits on both skin and hair.
  • Menthol: It has a refreshing and decongestant action, activating the skin's circulation. Skin looks fresh and smooth

Aftershave Gel Portobello

VAT Included
  • Aplica el aftershave sobre masajeando
    la cara lavada con agua fría tras secarla completamente.
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